Nicole Ji Soo



Nicole Ji Soo Kim

Instagram. @ni___jisu

Nicole Ji Soo is an emerging artist exploring mundane actions and objects in her everyday in hopes to evoke something deeper in what is easily overlooked. Sometimes using deadpan humour, sometimes with repetitive actions and rarely through interventions, Ji Soo seeks emotional human responses in the viewers over something completely benign

Jisoo works in Toronto, ON.

BFA, Ontario Collage of Art and Design University, 2016 - ongoing

Painting and Drawing, School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, 2014 - 2015


Group Exhibitions

Gradex Fundraiser, Fitting into a Box (2019), Feburary 2020, OCAD University Great Hall, Toronto, ON. 

Look Inside, Fitting into a Box Illustrations (2019), October 2019, OCAD University, Toronto, ON.

Ada Slaight Studios Celebration, Passing (2018), September 2019, OCAD University Room 490, Toronto, ON.

Painting in the Expanded Field, Silence becomes tender (2019), March 2019, OCAD University 4th Floor Red Staircase, Toronto, ON.

I Blink my Eyes to Keep the Time, Conditioning (2018), Feburary 2019, Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto, ON.

Expedition Elsewhere, April 2018, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON. Multimedia Installation/ Collaboration with Sonia

Open House, October 2016, OCAD University, Toronto, ON. Painting


Special Issue: Time, Conditioning (2018),The Six Hundred Winter Issue V.2, January 2019, Toronto, ON.

Professional Experience

AV Student Assistant / IT Help Desk, OCAD University, Toronto, ON. 2018- ongoing
International Affairs Assistant, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL. 2014